I am Mariya, the founder and designer of the brand. When I was a kid my grandmother showed me how to weave. In Rodopy mountain, where she lived, she made one of the rooms in her house in a small and tidy textile workshop. I loved to watch her weave for hours. Loved to touch the texture with my eyes closed and analyze the technique. Years after that I graduated art school with textile specialization. Continue working in product and graphic design, I realize that I would love to protect and continue this weaving heritage for the next generation. And maybe one day my grandchildren will learn how to wave from me also.

Following my desire to protect the craft of weaving I’ve decided to start a brand which transforms the tradition in a modern vision. My extensive background as an graphic and product designer aided me in creating the unique design of our rugs and handwoven home accessories. My textile teacher from my art school helped me to produce the first samples of the products and now we are happy to have hereditary artisans in our team. Bulgaria has an old tradition in handwoven textile and we are grateful that we can give it a new life.

We’ve put all of our efforts in creating products that are handwoven, well-crafted, classic, but modern at the same time. The reason we use high quality wool for our rugs is because it is a soft insulator that absorbs the humidity, but does not holds it in. It is an elastic and durable material. The high content of fat makes it naturally resistant to spots which increases the interval between cleanings.
A natural and renewable resource, wool is anti-microbial, dust-mite free and anti-bacterial.

All carpets are 100% handmade but actually they come from the heart!